Story by: Botlhale Lebogo

Despite a cold night, the old and young came out in numbers to witness a theatre play experience in their own neighbour’s backyard.

Pinki Ngobeni, Ejaridini Theater Shandis director and The Cave Production team performed an outdoor backyard play in Madidi Village just outside Pretoria on Saturday.

“The reason behind the backyard play concept is that we wanted to do this without depending on sponsors for resources, in this way we are showing them that we can do anything from our own pockets,” said Ngobeni.

Ngobeni’s former school teacher Mr Sibanda described her as a performer who has extensive experience in dancing, writing and outstanding performance in monologue.

“I have told people that one of former learners in Nkoana Poo Middle School in 2002, Pinki is a great performer so I invited them to come and watch the play so that they can see the Pinkie I have been telling them about,” said Sibanda

The play titled “The Contract” was performed with the purpose  to educate people about job interviews and work contracts, they highlighted the importance of reading contracts and understanding them before signing.

One of The Cave Production members Regina Mary said the play was an awareness to  the community on the danger of not knowing where our relatives and friends are working and what they do at work.

“We have a high rate of human trafficking in South Africa so we need to accompany our kids so that we can be able to report if something bad happens,” said Mary

Akhona Mlaza, Ejaridini Theater Shandis stage manager said the team first met in 2013 after one of his friend organised a play called Who Am I.

“After we all knew each other, we then decided to form a production team called The Cave Production,” said Mlaza

The first play was in Soweto, Diepkloof  in May. They also decided to perform in Madidi because there are performers in the cast from the area.

The play left Madidi Village wanting more, it was confirmed that the next play in the area will be on Heritage day which will be celebrated at Ntolo High School.


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