New representatives of the Bakgatla ba Mmakau tribal council office elected

Residents of Madidi during the election of the tribal office representatives at Hall 15, 17 August

Story By: Godfrey Malekane

Following the last meeting on 10 August, where residents in Madidi came together to raise issues concerning the tribal office.

Another meeting was held at Hall 15 on Saturday, 17 August to elect new representatives of the tribal council office.

It was decided at the meeting that they need to do away with electing representatives from clans into the tribal council.

Instead, the community members decided to elect people from the village blocks to represent each block of the village into the tribal office.

The outgoing office bearers are accused of benefiting from the usage of sand in the village, while residents are in the dark about the agreements regarding the usage of the sand.

The R60 000 that was allegedly directed to be paid to the tribal account for the usage of sand by contractors was not deposited, it was found out that only R20 000 has been deposited into the tribal office bank account recently.

The new office bearers of the tribal council were elected and their names were sent to the Madibeng municipality office. Investigations are underway as members of the community are waiting for the report from the NPA and the Public Protectors office regarding the outgoing tribal office.

Fully story to be published in the next Speak Madidi Newspaper release

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