Spring has sprung and it is time to get your cv in shape

When applying for vacancies, your cv will set the tone on whether you get invited for an interview or not. Usually recruiters are looking for key words that meet the vacancies requirements using the Automated tracking system .With that said your cv should be short, catchy and professional. 

10 tips that will make your cv stand out

1)Work in  chronological order and have  no gaps on your cv.
2)Avoid job hopping experience on your cv,  moving from one job to another in short period of time.
3)Skills on your cv should match the requirements of the role advertised especially for the Automated Tracking System.
4)Preferrebly your cv should not be  more than two pages.
5)Make sure your cv sells you  to fit the role you applying for. This means u have to edit your cv when applying for various roles to be relevant to the job description.
6)Have contactable references and make sure your contact details are provided on the cv.
7)Formate of your cv should be clear and easy to read.
8)Put emphasis on your work experience.
9)Information on your cv should be updated regularly and be  truthful.
10)Experience and reasons for leaving should be clear on your cv.

These tips should come in handy when writing your cv, good luck with your  job applications.

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