It is absolutely okay to be single!

Opinion Piece By : Vincent Mathosse

I am in a Shoprite Usave Money Market queue to settle my mother’s HomeChoice account. The long queue is as slow as South Africa’s service delivery system. It is a scorching Saturday afternoon in Nkomazi. As if that is not enough to cause nuisance, behind me a man is heavily breathing on my neck. He is so close I can feel his heart thumping against his rib cage.

I still don’t understand why must people keep close proximity with the next person in a queue. That is a story for another day.

Adjacent the queue on my right there are three teenage girls. I assume that they are waiting for a friend who is in the queue.

Moments later a chatter breaks from the three teenagers. My interest picks. I then decide to eavesdrop. I know I should not but a good story needs a pair of ears.

From what I could gather, the other two girls are bashing and ridiculing their friend for her relationship status. “You’re single”, they stress.

‘Single lady’ fights and passionately disagrees her singleness as if her life depends on her being in a relationship.

From my position I could sense from ‘single lady’s’ weak voice that she is a wink away from crying. A  girl emerges from the queue to rescue her.  It is probably a friend they were waiting for. They chat for a moment and waltz off.

This incident took me back to a conversation I once had with a female acquaintance. She thought that a men simply cannot survive without being in a relationship. I must admit, at that time I thought I was an endangered species for I thought it was ‘unnatural’ for a man to be alone.

I have also observed that people associate singleness with misery and unhappiness. However, as a single man, I can confirm that I am actually happy and in no rush to be in a relationship. And there is nothing wrong with choosing to be single as much as there is nothing wrong with dating.

Moral of the story, before you assume that single folks are unhappy, make sure you not drowning from your own tears. Don’t shrink yourself during your single days. I believe one can discover themselves, grow and learn self-love.

And at the time of going to print I was single. However, anything can happen.

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