How to fight off your attacker and protect yourself from being a victim

Story By: Tebogo Moleya  | Photo credit: Horse Cartoontransparent

Anyone can be a victim anywhere so it’s advised that you learn about ways that can help you fight off your attacker(s). Always let your friends and family know about your whereabouts.
Ways to defend yourself when being attacked or when you feel unsafe.
Be a hard target.
Do not appear to be nervous or scared just walk with confidence. Attackers often pounce on unsuspecting and nervous victims.
Do not be afraid to say NO!
Say that NO like you mean it, there’s no need to be nice to anyone if you feel unsafe around them.
Always be on the lookout.
Check your surroundings at all times.
Never refuse to give them what they want.
Often attackers just want your money so it is advised that you throw your wallet or purse as far as you can and run the opposite direction.
Here’s what to do if its gets physical.
Use whatever you have in your hands or around you.
Anything can be a weapon.
Always aim for weak points.
When you are being attacked by a man go for vulnerable points like eyes and knees that will slow him down. Never kick him on his manhood first because possibilities are that he is expecting you to do so and he’s prepared for it. When you are being attacked from behind stomp on top of their foot and use your elbow to hit them in the face.
You do not have to be a woman to carry pepper spray, men can carry pepper sprays too .Also carry a whistle if possible, and when you need directions ask securities and never walk on quiet empty streets alone.

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