How to spot fake news stories and news sites

Fake News

Story By : Tebogo Moleya | Photo Credit : WYRED Project

The rise of social media made the spreading of fake news, disinformation and misinformation to be easy.
Fake news is a deliberate disinformation or fabricated news information spread through traditional news media or social media.
Misinformation and disinformation is when the content shared is misleading.
Recently in the Pretoria CBD and Johannesburg CBD, there has been several looting of shops and this sparked an outrage on social media. The South African Police Service (SAPS) has warned the public not to add fuel to the fire by sharing fake news and old videos on social media.
There are ways that you can use to spot fake news stories/ websites.
Check the source of information credibility by looking at their contact and about information in short just inspect the news site.
Do a background search on the author to check if they are reliable or not.
Check if reliable sources are mentioned in the article or not.
Is the headline matching with the story? That is way it is important to read the whole story and not just read the headline, sometimes headlines can be misleading.
You can use various apps such as Media Monitoring Africa’s RoveR, KnowNews, Chrome extension and fact checking sites like Africa Check to check for facts.
Check the date the article was posted
Do not share any news content that can mislead the public, do fact checking first before sharing anything on social media.

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