Modiselle’s cry for help in fighting off his Nyaope addiction

Story By : Patricia Modiga

Nyaope is an addictive drug that is giving many families and businesses sleepless nights.

Nyaope users are easily identified as they usually assemble in an open space such as parks and taxi ranks and, have formed a community through which they support one another in the habit.

Kagiso Modiselle (28) a resident in Madidi village is one of the few Nyaope addicts who are trying to get off the drug.
“I started using Nyaope in 2008, I used to mix it with Marijuana (weed).”
“Reason for using it was for fun only not knowing I will become an addict. Peer pressure was one of the things that made me smoke it and my family found out that I am using Nyaope,” said Modiselle.

He further went on to say “They stopped giving me money and I started stealing from them to feed my addiction,” he added.

He dropped out of school to work for his addiction by selling fruits on robots.”That is  how I moved from home; I slept on the streets I went to Joburg because cash was found easy on robots,”
“My family tried to get me rehabilitated by sending me to a rehabilitation centre two times and nothing happened.”

“I just felt like they are wasting my time,” I got enough support from my family and love but I disappointed them especially my mom, I wish I never fell into this drug because it is so hard to fight it off,” said Modiselle.

He has been using Nyaope for 11 years and is tired of it. Modiselle is pleading with his community or anyone reading this to help him be drug-free.

He concluded by saying he does not wish this on anyone’s child as it is a trauma for families and parents to see their children throwing away their future.

Anyone willing to help Modiselle can contact us (Speak Madidi) on or inbox us on Facebook at Speak Madidi Newspaper.

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  1. I guess it’s not only in Klipgat. We experiencing same problem in Madidi. It used to be plastic bags before and government realized this and start selling them in retail stores. There is new is new “flowers of the nation” di pampers. They are being littered all over the village and they are nightmares to barua kgomo

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